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I was never a “foodie” and I did exercise, plus working in NYC, I walked a lot. However I guess age, I started putting on weight in areas that I was not happy with. I came and visited my cousin in Florida and when I saw her (she looked incredible) I asked her what she was doing. She explained to me about the…


My busy lifestyle made it difficult to work out as much I used to in the past. Also planning a wedding out of the country just made my time scarcer. As much as I would love to be working out more, I just could not make the time. I met with Lana who explained how she could help me to lose the inches and few pounds and…


Prior to starting the program with YFLC (Your Fat Loss Coach) I was very focused on my business. Over the past 3 years the increased demands on my time resulted in very few opportunities to work out and the development of poor eating habits. After recognizing that I had put on more weight…


We believe in you…

We see and believe in the highest potential of each client. We are here not sharing our opinions, but our experience about fat loss and nutrition of not just our own selves but the thousands that we have helped throughout the years. We would be honored to be apart of helping you achieve your ideal weight and optimum health.

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Your dedicated coach partners are with you until you reach your goal, focusing to accountability, motivation, emotional eating and nutrition.

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Regardless of where you live in the world our technology allows your fat loss coach to be able to work with you at your convenience.

Everything Included

Your fat loss coach can provide a complete system that allows you to accomplish your weight loss goals and maintain it for the rest of your life

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