Our Programs

With your first visit with us, whether in person or through video conferencing, you will see the difference to our approach in weight loss and health. Starting from your first consultation, we will evaluate your needs and educate you on our different services that are provided. Nutritional, behavioral and emotional eating coaching are available and highly recommended with all our programs.

Each plan is designed to meet YOUR unique needs. We enjoy working with people who are highly motivated and who want the tools to support a healthy lifestyle and permanent change. We believe that everyone deserves to have great health and vitality. It is our number one goal to help you reach your personal wellness goal.

Emotional Eating

One of the reasons we have such success with our clients is that we are experts at helping our clients redefine their relationship with food and exercise. Our coaching modality is designed to address a prevalent habit in contemporary culture, eating due to emotional stress. Your coach is trained to utilize tools from a patented technique known as subconscious restructuring to help you identify and correct your emotional eating patterns.

Our style of coaching helps to change your outlook on eating and exercise through clinically proven techniques for a more permanent change.

We help our clients make healthier food choices. Topics include proper food combination, blood type eating, circadian cycles and natural hygiene.