My busy lifestyle made it difficult to work out as much I used to in the past. Also planning a wedding out of the country just made my time scarcer. As much as I would love to be working out more, I just could not make the time.

I met with Lana who explained how she could help me to lose the inches and few pounds and feel incredible in my dress. Her strategy made sense to me and so I started. Everything she said came true. My Coach worked with my busy schedule, was available to me to direct me through the program.

In only 3 weeks I lost 12 pounds! I` was so happy. I was happy to have a personal coach helping me, and the information I learned was life changing. I would tell anyone, but certainly brides…this program is a must!


I was never a “foodie” and I did exercise, plus working in NYC, I walked a lot. However I guess age, I started putting on weight in areas that I was not happy with. I came and visited my cousin in Florida and when I saw her (she looked incredible) I asked her what she was doing. She explained to me about the program and how Your Fat Loss Coach helps people get back to their ideal weight. I decided to do her Out of Area program and I absolutely love the results!

I lost 14 pounds (and have kept it off nearly a year later) and am so happy! During the program, with my husband also lost weight just because my whole family was eating better. I have my young body again and am so very happy. Also I learned a lot about how to eat so that I can maintain my healthy weight. I have referred Lana to my friends and they are so happy as their lives have changed. I am so thrilled and will continue to refer my friends to her program.

I have to say the program did wonders for me, my marriage and confidence! I did the program to get back down to my weight before I had children. The program was very easy to follow and gave me healthy eating options/habits I can use for the rest of my life. My results were great; I lost weight in places I always had trouble losing before. I had great energy all throughout the program.

If I had questions, Lana was always available with a solution that was just perfect for me. The whole program felt so personalized! Lana is so knowledgeable and responsive. She helps motivate you all the way!


Prior to starting the program with Yflc (Your Fat Loss Coach) I was very focused on my business. Over the past 3 years the increased demands on my time resulted in very few opportunities to work out and the development of poor eating habits. After recognizing that I had put on more weight than I wanted to I decided to make a lasting and sustainable change.

About 4 months ago I was referred by a friend to Lana’s program with Yflc. He was getting great results in only a short amount of time. I booked a consult with her and was very impressed with her energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly the program. Now 10 weeks later and 35 Pounds lighter I’m in the best shape of my life!

For me though the value is in what I learned from the program.. Lana is always there to offer great advice and help keep things on track so that you achieve amazing results. The best part is I was able to train myself and achieve my goal of a long term change in overall health and stay fit, healthy, and slim. I am so thankful for this experience. Truly life changing!


After years of steady weight-gain I had reached a point of desperation. After college, children, and life in general through my 20’s and 30’s– my body just seemed to want to store fat, and my lifestyle, appetite wasn’t helping. Would I have classified myself as an overeater? No—at least not any more than anyone else. Was there any one thing that was contributing to my weight gain and fat storage? I would say it was a little bit of everything…my lifestyle, eating habits, lack of consistent physical activity. I knew all of this in my mind but felt powerless to overcome it. Diets were so cliché and so temporary. I’d seen so many people through the years do “diets” and simply gain the weight back over time. I knew that whatever I needed to do had to be sustainable and maintainable.

Just when I was at the peak of despondency and desperation, and having reached almost 350 lbs., a good friend introduced me to YOURFATLOSSCOACH. After reading the material and hearing the presentation it made so much sense. After years of feeling trapped by the very weight I carried, I finally found a means by which I could take the fat off and keep it off. So I began my fat-loss journey… (come out?)

Since making the decision to go down this path I have not regretted it one single day. YOURFATLOSSCOACH has changed my life…forever. I can now play with my three beautiful daughters without the pain in my feet, knees and back. I no longer have to fear diabetes or high blood pressure, of which I was border-line for both. Now, instead of crying because of desperation and depression, I cry for joy that I have regained my physical life back and am able for to not be dominated by an out-of-shape body but for me to finally have some control over my body. The support I received on my journey with YOURFATLOSSCOACH has not only enabled me to lose the fat, but has also enabled me to sustain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. YOURFATLOSSCOACH has helped me achieve an incredible amount of fat-loss and thus weight-loss.

I LOST 185 POUNDS! As many would ask me on my journey, “Are there any side-effects?”—to that I would simply reply, “If your knees not hurting, back not hurting, and having more energy is a side effect, then I would have to say, yes.” Some would have expected to see rolls and rolls of skin hanging off of me with the amount of weight I have loss, yet even my own medical doctor, who was a skeptic at first, stood in amazement after a physical examination, seeing very little rolls of skin From someone who used to be a skeptic I am now is a thankful recipient. I believe Lana’s secret for her success as a Fat loss Coach is that fat loss coaching is not something she does, it is who she is…she absolutely loves what she does and is passionate about helping her clients transform their lives. a lady that I have much affection for my fat-loss coach… Lana Kerr.


Like many people, we had been struggling with weight and health issues due to over eating and eating the wrong foods. Two years ago we started a journey to a healthy life style by adopting a mostly vegetarian diet (we eat fish every once in a while), eating alkaline foods, controlling our portions and exercising on a more consistent basis. It took me over a year to lose the first 50 lbs. which I was very happy with. The best benefit was that I lowered my cholesterol enough to get off medication.

My wife lost 10 lbs. which she was happy with because her issues were mostly health, not weight. The next goal on our journey was to lower our BFP (body fat percentage) and my wife also wanted to get rid of her sugar addiction. That’s when we decided to get on the program with YOUR FAT LOSS COACH. We began the protocol at the end of August and I lost another 34lbs. My wife lost another 10 lbs and we’re now both at the weight we were when we met! Better yet, we both feel great! We lost unwanted deep tissue fat fast and will keep it off because we learned how to change our eating habits for life!

Having a coach on your side was very important for both my wife and I, when we first saw the protocol we were a bit daunted but we took it one day at time and got through it. The first few weeks we had a ton of questions and our coach Sarah was always there for us. Thanks again Sarah you rock!

Now we feel like new people, our bodies are functioning incredibly from our digestive systems to our sleeping patterns and our energy levels are sky high. We would recommend this program to anyone. All you need is the mindset and the discipline and you will lose the unwanted inches from all those problem areas like the stomach and your sides. For us, it reinforced the decision we made two years ago and gave us some added tools to stay strong. If you haven’t even begun a journey to health it will be a great way to kick-start the lifestyle.



I decided to do your program because I have never been able to lose weight myself. Most people would say that I was not fat, but I knew that I was- and so did you. I lost 30 pounds and it was all fat. I am grateful to you for your support and solid, effective fat loss program. You helped me do what I could not do on my own, EVEN THOUGH I TRIED FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS! I started at 227 and ended up at 195 – 32 pounds total. I feel like now I have a chance to live to be 100!


Lana’s program helped me shed what was not ‘sheddable’ any other way. Her program taught me how to look at eating in a way that will support my image and health! Thanks to Your Fat Loss Coach


Having an amazing experience! Just lost over 25 pounds with the help of this fantastic company. Lana and Mercedes have been wonderful supporters and coaches. They are helping to make sure that my current weight loss is permanent and helping me to make a lifestyle change. I couldn’t have done it without this program and the support it offers.