Jumping Your Way To Better Health!

Still recuperating from bunion surgery, and unable to wear running shoes comfortably, I needed to find an alternative way to get some physical activity in. I went back to an activity I used to strongly encourage my clients to do: rebounding, or jumping on a mini trampoline. I was quickly reminded of how great an exercise rebounding is, and I now do it daily.

If you aren’t familiar with rebounding, it is the practice of jumping on a mini trampoline either in gentle bounces where your feet don’t leave the trampoline or with complete jumps where you rise 6 inches…

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You wanna win the battle of the bulge?

Massage Therapy, The Thousand Year-Old Miracle Worker

Much like a symphony, each and every part of the body must achieve perfect harmony with each other before they can create a masterpiece. That we can only achieve ideal health when the mind, body and spirit are at peace and in harmony with one another is a concept that has existed for thousands of years.

One way through which we can achieve this balance is through the art of massage. Massage is described as an intuitive healing art that is based on our natural instinct to rub areas that hurt. It uses different strategies such as pressing, stroking, kneading, rubbing and manipulating the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments…

The Fastest And Easiest Way To Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, you probably already know the drill by heart– eat like a bird and exercise like crazy. But you also know that most diet programs and lose-weight-fast plans have about as much substance as politicians on campaign season.

The problem with most lose-weight-fast schemes is that they advocate extreme dieting or supplementing with dubious diet pills. Losing weight fast is in fact possible but not in the way you have always seen it or done it. To lose weight quickly, you don’t only need to count calories and sweat in the gym. Weight loss…

3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying To Lose Weight

Do you have a friend who told you enthusiastically that she was starting on a new weight loss and diet program and eight weeks later, she was exactly where she started? No slimmer, no healthier, no more energetic? But when you asked her how it was going, she would just kind of either have this blank or annoyed face and just changed the subject?

Or have YOU woken up one morning and declared, “I have GOT to start exercising and eating healthier and today— is THE DAY!” And then by the end of that very day you found yourself shoveling spoonfuls of Ben…

3 Tips When Choosing The Right Weight Loss Program

A New Year is up ahead and if you’re like many people, you’ll be making all kinds of pledges of things you want to change in the coming year. Pledges usually go like this: lose 50 lbs, eat healthy, get more exercise, stop smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, learn how to knit or get organized.

What many people fail to realize is that it’s very difficult to change learned habits and behaviors. It takes an indomitable determination to do what’s right and healthy for you. The easy part is always listing them down and getting a start at them. The hard part? It’s sticking with your plans for the long-haul.

A Guide To Healthy Holiday Eating

As much as we look forward regular times of partying and getting together with friends, many of us are at risk of enjoying it too much- if there’s such a thing- and worse, packing on the dreaded pounds. The traditional Thanksgiving dinner contains roughly 4, 500 calories and 229 grams of fat in one meal. And that doesn’t even count breakfast, lunch and leftover snacks we munch on. Before we know it, the pounds stack up, which rings true with studies showing that the average person gains one to two pounds during the season. I know, I have been attending many events and will continue throughout this season. Here are simple, easy-to-remember tips that I follow for keeping slim and escaping the bulge. But these pounds don’t just vanish;…

Fat Wives: Unacceptable?

The way Boris Kodjoe talks about fat women would make you wish his wife had never married him, or at the very least that she would never- ever- develop medical conditions that would make her gain weight. Kodjoe is known all over for his intolerance to plus-size chicks, so it should come as no surprise that this intolerance extends even to his own wife. In a recent interview with co-actor, Derek Luke, Kodjoe re-emphasized his displeasure toward fat women.

“Ok part of the deal is, you got to keep it sexay. Got to keep it Hot. Because it’s easy getting married, but…

Your Breakfast Guidelines To Lose Weight

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Or is it? You must have heard this homily ever since you started holding a spoon. But like any homilies and pseudo-science quackery, it isn’t backed by solid scientific evidence and is most likely invented by the English upper classes of the 1800’s which spread to the lower classes as they became prosperous enough to afford the Full English breakfast. The Full English breakfast or its American spin off are the invention of the rich. But even then, this traditional meal has the benefit of being nutritionally complete and are mostly made of actual food from the farm: eggs, bacon, beans, tomatoes, ham, etc. Unfortunately, this is not what people eat anymore. What does a typical 21st century breakfast look like?

Is Fasting Good For You?

Fasting dates back for centuries in every ancient religious text you can think of: the Old and New Testaments, the Kuran, the Vedas, Kabbalah and Upanishads. In recent years, the enthusiasm for fasting has gained ground again as mounting evidence supports its healing and restorative capacities. But the question remains: can it really aid in weight loss and boost longevity? It seems so simplistic- no counting calories, no shopping, no cooking. You just need to say ‘no’ to food and start fasting intermittently.

From an evolutionary perspective, the ‘three-square-meals-a-day’ rule is a strange modern day invention…

Drinking Water: Sipping vs. Gulping

Gone were the days when drinking was just drinking- slurping, sipping, gulping. It didn’t really matter how you drank your water, so long as you drank enough. Who could have known that the way you consume your water turned out to be so important?

“How we drink water can make a difference in how optimally we hydrate our body. A lot of people sip liquids, but gulping is better. Gulps of fluid leave the stomach more rapidly. It’s important to do this. It seems counter-intuitive, it seems that gulping would cause a cramp. People are more likely to have stomach cramps sipping…

Is Milk Really Doing Your Body Good?

The Food Pyramid has always been the foundation of good nutrition and sound dietary advice. The official food pyramid you often see hanging in doctors’ offices was developed by the U.S Department of Agriculture with recommendations of some top ranking clinical nutrition experts from around the country.

In recent years, however, some groups have made public their concerns relating to the consumption of milk and dairy products, when in 2005, the USDA’s guidelines increased the recommended daily serving of milk from two to three cups. One of the most influential is Walter Willet, MD, PhD, professor of epidemiology…

How HCG Prevents Starvation While Losing Fat

“Anyone who eats 500 calories per day will lose weight! So why do I need hCG too?” This is one of the many misconceptions about using HCG in weight loss. This article addresses this and explains why HCG is necessary before reducing calories to that degree in order to safely lose fat.

Before we get started, when I speak of HCG, I am referring to injectable human chronic gonadotropin. Dr. Oz fans may recall an episode where he touted the benefits of injectable hCG programs while working with a knowledgeable professional.

Why Fad Diets Do Not Work

We all have experienced the feeling of apprehension when we step on the scale to check our weight. You can feel a knot in your stomach, and you start to flinch when you see that dreaded number on the scale. Those familiar feelings of failure start to creep in, because you have been trying so hard to stick to a diet that has made you tired, cranky and in a constant state of hunger. Although your magic number doesn’t appear on the scale, you can still envision yourself losing a few extra pounds, only to realize that dieting has become more of a frustrating way to drop a couple of sizes.

HCG: The Right Way To Lose Body Fat

I went to a very fancy event and was privileged to sit beside and a very accomplished woman in her early 40s. She was very attractive and had her refreshingly doting husband beside her. Her company and wealth had grown substantially in the last 5 years. Yet in a very candid conversation I asked her, for a woman who seems to have everything, what one wish she would want granted. She said she’s had the same New Year’s Resolution the last 10 years: to have her lean body back.

With a smile of satisfaction, I told her how I help my clients and that her wish can be granted!