Our coaches’ mission is to educate and guide you through the phases of our program. All of our coaches are trained in nutritional and wellness counseling, and address problems such as emotional eating and continued weight gain. With a guaranteed system and continued support and accountability, we have successfully helped thousands of people shed unwanted fat and gain a healthier lifestyle.


Lana Kerr is the Founder and President of TLK Wellness Inc. Your Fat Loss Coach. She has been in the Wellness Industry for over 14 years. She is a student of Holistic health and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science to then further to a Doctorate Program. Lana is a Nutritional Consultant and earned a Master Certification as a Subconscious Restructuring Counselor.

She is married and the mother of 2 children.Her passion is helping her clients to achieve optimal health and thoroughly enjoys the transformations that she witnesses very quickly with them. She is amazed at how clients become more confident and thus become better people.Her secret to success is her ability to create and maintain long term relationships.

This treatment has transformed her life. Though she has exercised her whole life, nothing has proven to be more effective for her. She absolutely enjoys helping others do the same.


Mercedes Smothers is a wife and mother of 5 beautiful children. Wellness is her life. She has been helping others with fitness and nutrition for over 12 years. Obesity hits very close to home for her. She has immediate family members that have struggled their whole life with this disorder.

This is what has motivated her to pursue her Certification in nutrition and why she loves working with Your Fat Loss Coach. Along with helping people eat right and exercise she helps her family and others target the true source of this disorder and help to correct it.


Clara Rodriguez has always had a passion for beauty and image. She is a Certified Image Consultant. She serves as the VP & President Elect for the Florida AICI Chapter, the world’s most recognized image consultant organization.

After turning 40 years of age, she like many women started experiencing weight gain…a few pounds each year. As a result, her cholesterol was high and her energy was low. She refused to go on medication and became a client of Your fat Loss Coach. She lost 25 pounds and returned to her former good health. She then graduated from the program and started helping others to improve their image and health.


Engris Alvarado is a natural health and fitness enthusiast. She has been in the health and beauty industry for the past 15 years. She is married and a mother of two beautiful children. She has a strong passion for helping others, especially in improving their health. She at one time had a difficult time losing her last 15-20 pounds so she used the services of Your Fat Loss Coach.

Her success and new found confidence led her to pursue her dream of helping others to achieve their healthiest state of being. She graduated from the Your Fat Loss Coach training program and is currently pursuing Certifications in other Nutritional related areas. Her secret to success is her effervescent and yet empathetic personality.


I have a background in dance and ran a successful Pilates Studio for over 10 years in different parts of the world. I am happy to be joining the Fat Loss Coach Team in Florida, as I previously ran the Canadian Division. Having 5 kids has made me super qualified to handle and address various issues with health, weight and balancing all of this with a busy daily life. I’m excited to help people bring their minds and bodies back to optimum health as I’ve done for myself and tons of others.


Claudia Rotman has been in the wellness field, energetic healing and balancing for over 8 years. She is Certified in the area of Subconscious Restructuring® Life Coaching. Offering sessions as a practitioner, wellness coach and group workshop leader, Claudia helps people transform their lives, providing practical and evidence-based tools that can be put to immediate daily use. These tools allows her clients to clearly define their goals, organized their thoughts and most important generate results. Claudia currently lives in Weston, Florida, with her husband Jeff and her four daughters, Jaimie, Shana, Leah and Rebekah