Do You Want to Grow Your Personal Training Business?
Partner with Us and Guarantee Your Clients Long-Term Fat Loss!

Are you struggling to grow your personal training client base? Are your clients not getting the results they want? Attract new clients and retain current clients by partnering with Your Fat Loss Coach (“YFLC”)! YFLC is transforming the way personal trainers achieve results with their clients by attacking the root cause of obesity and stubborn fat. YFLC has helped thousands achieve permanent physical fat loss breakthroughs with a scientifically proven combination of nutrition, exercise, combatting emotional eating, instilling accountability, and a constant supply of motivation with one-on-one coaching. Work with us and you can help your clients achieve the same!

Deliver Long-Term Results to Clients While Boosting Your Business

At YFLC, our team of dedicated coaches are passionate about helping other trainers not only improve the results of their existing clientele, but also help trainers boost the profit of their own business by attracting more clients! By partnering with YFLC, you receive all the tools to provide additional services to your clients.

Work with Your Clients Anytime, Anywhere!

YFLC technology provides trainers the flexibility to work with clients nation-wide because of our online and over the phone programs. With the YFLC fat loss app you can track the results of your clients daily, provide them clients step-by-step information so that they know what steps to take next, offer them medical services, and receive marketing tools for YOU to continue to promote and grow your business profitably.

YFLC is Dedicated to Helping Every Client Live a Healthy Life and Achieve their Weight Loss Goals

For more than a decade, YFLC has helped clients transform their bodies with long-term results. No matter where your clients are in their fat loss journey, YFLC has a solution!

For the Hardworking Client Who Just Can’t Seem to Lose Those Last Ten Pounds

YFLC promises you that YOUR clients will lose 5-20 pounds in just 10 days with the YFLC detox program. Clients will reset their metabolism, boost energy, cleanse their liver, and lose those last ten stubborn pounds!

For the Client Just Beginning their Fat Loss Journey Who Needs Some Quick Motivation

YFLC has helped thousands of clients reach extraordinary results with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (“hCG”). This program will help YOUR clients lose fat at lightning speed – up to 8% body fat and up to 40 pounds in a matter of a few short weeks. Losing weight this quickly (up to a pound a day!) catapults clients into fat loss and keeps their motivation high! We guarantee it.

Start Growing Your Business Today!

If you are interested in implementing the effective methodologies behind YFLC to your existing health and fitness practice, or if you are interested in partnering with YFLC, please send complete the contact form below. We are so excited to help you grow your business and transform your clients’ bodies and lives!

Lana Kerr
Certified Wellness Coach and Life Counselor